Acting Demo Reel Editing

1 minute or less Comedic or Dramatic clip:  $30.00 (Perfect clip for your Actors Access account)

2 minute reel $45.00

3 minute reel $60.00

All my demo reels will follow industry standards:

-Demo will feature your best scenes of you ACTING for the camera with the most fluid cuts I can achieve.

-Name of film or TV show  on the bottom  left of the screen.

-Reel ends with your name.

Musical montages showing action scenes, pictures, etc may be arranged as part of your reel if you have the appropriate footage. I stick to music copyright rules and use royalty free music only (I will match it to your style and preference).

All footage should be sent to me via downloadable open link (no Youtube, Vimeo, or private links) ready to be cut. If you have your scenes only (versus the entire film) that's even better! 

I have cut many actors' reels. Contact me for references. Just like as I do with my headshots, I like to have editing done as quickly as possible.

Sample only. I do not own the rights to these films.

Featured actors: Sophia Rayne, Ryan McVey, Courtney DeCamp, Barbara Mixon, Michelle Beard, Dana Joyce Schiller.