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Born in Uruguay, South America, Val Tannuzzi has been in the United States for over half of her life. Val appreciates the personal connections she’s made throughout her life. It is these person-to-person moments that influence the nature of her photography, and the candid approach she places on each session.


Val’s fun and outgoing approach to life is captured in the way she sets up her stills. While she loves a good plan, having the ability to be spontaneous adds a rare human quality to her work. Spending valuable time with her subjects, Val doesn’t rush her shoots, but instead lives in the moment. This approach allows her to understand each person on a deeper level, capturing the realness and vibrancy of their personalities. Her specialties include portrait photography, especially actor headshots, where she minimally edits only to enhance the natural assets of a person’s true features.


Val holds a degree in Studio Arts, which has helped her career flourish. With a uniquely simple approach to photography, Val produces clean portraits without background distractions. These fresh and uncomplicated stills are seen in various print and digital magazines for branding and marketing purposes.

Val has also been featured in films and television shows , as well as motion capture videos. She is represented by Carol Shaginaw Talent Agency.


I believe a picture can be a powerful marketing tool when it represents you and your business competently.

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Photographer Assistant/Reflector Manager

You will mostly see Mike during out-of-town and editorial photoshoots.

Mike was born in Long Island, NY and moved to South Carolina to pursue a degree in Psychology at the University of South Carolina-Beaufort.

He is an avid hockey player and certified hockey referee. He currently plays for the Silver Knights in the Ghost Pirates Ice Hockey League in Savannah, GA.

Mike and Val have been married since July of 2009 

    About Mike

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