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Business Branding Photography

You might need a business branding session if :

  • You need fresh content to share to your social media

  • You are launching a new business, website, service, or product

  • You are re-branding

  • You want to convey a message to attract your dream clients

  • You want photos that represent your style and vision


Individual Photoshoot

Perfect session for your business cards, website, and social media marketing. Bring your props and personal items that help tell your story.

Team Photoshoot

In addition to headshots and team photos, 'at work' images of your company are a chance to display how your staff works together. These graphics are a popular addition for your website, blogs, and social media campaigns.

Yoga Class

Casting for your Photoshoot

We offer professional casting for your projects.

If you need to stage staff or clients in your photography, do not hesitate to ask Val Tannuzzi Photography for this service.

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